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Technology Solutions

Fuse Technologies

AGCO brands worldwide offer leading edge technologies for today’s precision farmers. Fuse Technologies is a consolidated approach that supports our customers throughout the entire crop cycle from enterprise planning to planting, applications, harvesting and grain storage.

The Fuse Technologies strategy aims to deliver on key customer benefits that help farm operations run more efficiently.


The AgCommand™ telemetry system from AGCO is ideal for large businesses, contractors or anyone who needs to maintain high visibility of their machinery at all times. If you need consistent, concise information concerning your fleet then AgCommand™ is the perfect choice.

AgCommand™ is a leading edge data recording and transmission tool that allows you to optimise fleet performance by monitoring and reporting vehicle position, history and status, and is viewable on your desktop computer, laptop or tablet.

The AgCommand™ app allows on-the-go access so you can monitor machinery wherever you are and whenever you want as well as use the history and report function to run analysis on the field.
It has all the same functions of the AgCommand™ system, including near real time access to the machine with a home page that supplies fast information and a quick overview of machine data.

The Report tab offers the ability to quickly compare up to five machines and the duration they have been working.

Datatronic 5

The New Datatronic 5 features a larger 9 inch touch screen, easy-to-use and intuitive arrangement, similar to the latest generations smartphones or tablets.

The New Datatronic 5 and Massey Ferguson’s Technology Package is a key asset for enhancing Precision Farming. Making agriculture more profitable and sustainable for the New Generation of Farmers.

Datatronic 5


Information is power, with accurate data measurement and recording enabling more precision in decision making. The pace of progress and innovation set by the MF 8700 series is evident in the on-board technology solutions that it incorporates.

The new TaskDoc™ system have a real place in the future of agriculture, helping farmers to become more productive through the knowledge brought by putting precision-measured data at the business owner’s fingertips.

With TaskDoc™ relevant data can be recorded with a minimum of effort, documented in the field record and then analysed, all in the shortest amount of time. The data is transferred wirelessly from the Datatronic 5 terminal to the field database using the ISOBUS standard TC-BAS. Data on the quantity of seeds and fertiliser applied or the fuel consumption is available immediately after the work is done.

The TaskDoc™ Pro version, also enables recording of the GPS position data and data transfer in real-time. This makes automatic, seamless exchange with ISOXML-capable field management software and mapping possible. The data for the operating inputs that have been used are transferred and can also be monitored through the Datatronic 5 terminal while working.

mf8700 - Precision farming - TaskDoc


AgControl™ is the new Precision Farming solution from Massey Ferguson providing with the most advanced and most efficient Section Control feature.

With the fully automatic Section Control for ISOBUS implements, operators can apply seeds, fertilizer or pesticides without overlapping. This prevents double treatment and areas worked outside of the field edges. With the aid of the straightforward an easy to use Section Control assistant, the operators can set the correction values for each implement, quickly and easily. The system uses the tractor’s GPS system to automatically turn on and off individual sections in areas that have already been covered which automatically results in economical application and enhanced yields.



Auto-Guide™ 3000 is a full featured, hands free steering system capable of delivering sub-metre, decimetre, and centimetre accuracy. Guidance systems are proven to offer an average of 12% in fuel savings, as well as time spent on resources, time spent in the field and much more. The Auto-Guide™ 3000 TopDock receiver comes factory-fitted as standard with submeter accuracy.

Upgrades are made by adding a snap-in module to the base of the TopDock. An Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) will improve the positioning of the tractor for decimetre and centimetre accuracy. If centimetre accuracy is required, a radio snap-in can be plugged into the TopDock. The system can be easily upgraded at anytime, no unlock code is needed.


Most combine and tractor consoles are fully ISOBUS compatible. This international standard brings an end to cluttered cabs by allowing a single terminal to control and monitor implements designed to the same standard.
ISOBUS 11783 allows an implement manufacturer’s control system to be displayed on the console screen. Time and money is saved as there is no need for additional terminals in the cab.

MF 2200 large square balers and all other compatible implements can be controlled via the console. Simply plug the implement lead into the tractor’s ISOBUS socket and the system automatically uploads the operating menus and displays them on the screen.

ROI Calculator

This tool is intended to show the economic benefits of precision farming in a simple way.* The calculator has some default values for technology, crops and other settings. You can change these values to reflect your agricultural needs. You can export these values as a CSV file to pass on to your dealer or sales representative.

Start by selecting each machine icon to input values for the technology you are using and your crop types. The payback results will update based on the input from all four machine types.

ROI Calculator


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