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Annual Convention – “Inspiring, tiring and heartening!”

These are the three words that sum up the YFC Annual Convention, according to Massey Ferguson.

For the fourth year running, the tractor giants have been unveiled as the main sponsor of 2016’s Annual Convention in Blackpool, an event which they see as being key to their commitment to the future of the agricultural industry.

And when asked to sum up the event in three words, Campbell Scott, Massey Ferguson’s director of Sales, Engineering and Brand Development, said: “It’s inspiring. I’ve seen presentations and talked to people over the years that have been a real inspiration. They’ve done much better than I have ever done in overcoming obstacles and making the best of their situation. I would also say it’s tiring! It is full on, but in a good way. Every minute counts! Finally, I would say it is heartening. When I see the level of enthusiasm and passion of the people that come there within the farming industry, it is truly heartening.

“Annual Convention is the perfect opportunity for Massey Ferguson to meet all the delegates who represent the future of the industry. In 20 years time, 99% of the food produced in the UK will be coming from the guys who are coming to these types of events. Younger people always want to do things better, so we know that the food they will be producing will be even better, more sustainable and higher quality than we ever had in the past.

When asked what Campbell is most looking forward to at this year’s event, he said: “We’ve now got to the point where we’re looking forward to meeting ‘old’ friends. There are many people that we have got to know and it’s great to meet up with them again and catch up over the last 12 months.

“There are always some very progressive ideas put forward in the AGRI Forum. We’re facing an uncertain future, with specific reference to the EU referendum, but opportunities always exist during certain and uncertain times. But we would encourage members to listen to all the advice, whether they agree with it or not. This is a good industry to be in. People will always need to eat food and the long term fundamentals are very sound.

“I also enjoy the performing arts. We believe that you should enjoy your work, it shouldn’t always be boring and serious. I like the fact that it’s the opportunity for people to let their hair down and have a bit of fun. It’s also a great opportunity to develop teamwork and team spirit. I went to the pantomimes last year in Torquay and they were excellent. It allows hidden talents to come through and in business, we all need to use our hidden talents from time to time.”

And when asked to list the three most important things to take to Annual Convention, Campbell said: “The first thing is an open mind. This really is the opportunity to see and hear about what’s going on in the wider world and to become better informed. The second thing is a willingness to make new friends. Some people can be a little shy, but everybody comes to this event with the same spirit. They want to make the most of it. Friends made here can become friendships for a lifetime. And as it’s the north of England, I’d say bring a good coat or jacket! And if you do, the chances are you won’t need it!”