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AGCO Reman

AGCO Reman

So you might want to give your Massey a new heart, maybe some new lungs or a kidney or two! This is where our brilliant AGCO Reman programme comes-in.

We could call it ‘good as new’ but with Reman you’re more than likely to get ‘better than new.’

Depending on where you are, AGCO Reman can provide key products including engines, transmissions, turbos and fuel injection equipment.

This isn’t simply repair. It’s remanufacturing. There are lots of people who will turn up on your doorstep and just repair your engine but AGCO Reman goes the whole hog. You are supplied with a virtually brand-new product.

There’s no opportunity for misdiagnosis and therefore, no costly downstream problems.

There really is no comparison between these remanufactured units and an independent non-specialist repair.

It’s the guys who built the products in the first place who work at our specialist Reman facilities. They’ve got thousands of hours’ experience between them that’s impossible to replicate. They know what they are doing!

As for cost,  you are looking at paying around 30% less than you would for a new unit.

We use only original suppliers or our own specialist Reman facilities and cover machines up to 40 years old. And the warranty is as per a new unit - a full 12 months on all remanufactured products.

This is a very environmentally-friendly option and it’s a speedy one too. You receive a remanufactured unit from our bank of Reman products and we take in your old unit.

It can be time-saving versus diagnosis and repair.  Your dealer fits the AGCO Reman unit, and at the end of it, you’ll know it will work properly from day one, and won't cost you time and money in lost productivity. 

The benefits are plain – you’ll save cost, time and aggravation and get a tractor with a new lease of life. And it’s all risk-free. 

The Remanufacturing Process - watch our short film

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